Care and Advice

Adding a new puppy to your family is a lot of work, and we want to make sure you have the best resources available to ensure a smooth transition. Check out our list of trusted resources to help you give your new labradoodle the best care possible.

What Is An Australian Labradoodle?

Want to know more about this spectacular breed? Learn about what makes our Australian Labradoodles different from other Labradoodles, as well as all of their amazing qualities.

Feeding Instructions

A healthy diet and feeding schedule are crucial to a happy and healthy Australian Labradoodle. Learn everything from how to change your dog’s food to appropriate amounts for your dog’s age.  

Getting Ready

Bringing a new puppy into your home can be a stressful process if not done correctly – especially for the puppy. Follow our tips and suggestions to help make your new puppy feel comfortable in its new home.

Housebreaking Tips

One of the most important parts of training your new puppy is housebreaking. Follow our great tips to make this training as easy as possible for both you and your new puppy.


The importance of training your new Australian Labradoodle cannot be stressed enough. Our training partner, BAXTER & Bella, provide some great resources on training your new puppy.

Health Testing

Health testing of Welcome Acres breeding stock is extensive and of the utmost importance to assure that our Doodle puppies have the best genetic opportunity of a healthy life.

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