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As responsible breeders and advocates of Australian Labradoodles, it is important that we promote and enhance the Australian Labradoodle breed. It is important that the Welcome Acres Labradoodle be in the right Breeder Environment.




    Please complete the following questions so that your preference can be matched for the best companion Australian Labradoodle available from Welcome Acres.

    What sex do you prefer?
    MaleFemaleNo Preference

    What coat type do you prefer?
    FleeceWoolNo Preference

    What size do you prefer?
    Miniature - 14 to 16 inchesMedium - 17 to 21 inchesNo Preference

    Please complete the following questions about caring for your Australian Labradoodle.

    Does your facility have a fenced in yard?

    Are you planning on taking this puppy to basic obedience classes or have you trained a dog for basic obedience before?

    We request that a dog be returned to us, at any point in time, should you determine that you are no longer able to care for the dog. Are you willing to agree to this?

    If on the internet, was it:

    In order to reserve a spot on the Welcome Acres BREEDER waiting list please submit this application.

    This deposit becomes non-refundable upon acceptance of the deposit and approval of the application. If we (Welcome Acres Labradoodles) for any reason decide this is not a good fit and choose not to approve the application, the deposit will be returned promptly. Our waiting list is established by the receipt of applications and a deposit of $1,000.00, which is applied to the sale price of the Welcome Acres Labradoodle puppy. The 2nd payment for your puppy is due 10 business days before delivery or pickup of your puppy.

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    * "Temperament and Soundness are the two KEY elements in a good family companion: they must not be sacrificed for any reason."
    -ALAA Breed Standards