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Australian Labradoodles in Palm Beach, FL

While it might seem straightforward that a Labradoodle is simply a mix of a Labrador and a Poodle, the reality is much more complex. Indeed, the Labradoodle breed encompasses a variety of subtypes, each boasting distinct traits. Understanding these variances is key to appreciating the uniqueness of each subtype.

The Labradoodle’s development dates back to the 1980s, with the aim of breeding an ideal guide dog for individuals with allergies. This endeavor combined the intelligence and amiability of Labradors with the Poodle’s coat, which is more compatible with allergy sufferers. Nevertheless, Labradoodles exhibit a broad spectrum of appearances and temperaments, ranging from curly to straight coats, and not every Labradoodle meets the hypoallergenic criteria initially targeted.

In contrast, the Australian Labradoodle’s breeding program, which began in the 1990s, introduced additional breeds into the mix, such as the Irish Water Spaniel and the American Cocker Spaniel, to refine the breed further. This meticulous breeding aimed to produce dogs with uniform coat types, engaging personalities, and truly hypoallergenic, non-shedding coats available in various sizes.

However, the distinction of the Australian Labradoodle lies beyond their physical attributes. Through selective breeding, these dogs are not just intelligent but also exceptionally perceptive, making them outstanding companions for families and excellent therapy dogs. Their reliable and endearing temperament sets them apart from their Labradoodle counterparts.

While the Labradoodle is celebrated for its vibrant energy, the Australian Labradoodle captures hearts with its well-balanced demeanor, quickly becoming a preferred choice for families. They are quick learners, display gentleness with children, and, despite their calm indoor behavior, they eagerly engage in outdoor activities. Australian Labradoodles in Palm Beach, FL might be the right fit for you, so contact us today!

  • 1. Families decide which litter interests them.

  • 2. Submit your application and wait to hear from us. Will be in touch very soon!

  • 3. Discuss size, gender, color, coat, timing, temperament, and any other needs or wants.

  • 4. Read what you get with a Welcome Acres Labradoodle by going to our Pricing page.

  • 5. Once your application is approved and we have spoken, then you will need to submit your application fee/deposit (Paypal or Credit Card only). To reserve a specific puppy or to be added to a litters waiting list. Payments are non-refundable.

  • 6. Approved Application is then sent to the “Forever Family”.

  • 7. Due to Parvovirus we do not offer pre visitation days.

  • 8. Welcome Acres Puppies can and will be designated at various ages of their lives, with the primary designation done at 6 weeks (+ or -) of age. Welcome Acres does the selection based on priority of reservation, needs & wants, and most importantly the “Doodle Fit”.

  • 9. Around 8 weeks of age the Welcome Acres Labradoodle’s chosen veterinarian will continue protocol, vaccinate, flea & heart worm preventative, & exam.

  • 10. Generally, the puppies go home at 8 weeks old.

  • 11. Welcome Acres Labradoodles reserves the right to retain any puppy(s) in a litter for breeding purposes. Therefore, not every puppy in every litter will be available.

  • 12. Speak directly with Welcome Acres Labradoodles in regards to your final payment options.

  • 13. Welcome Acres requires a signed Spay / Neuter Contract before delivery of the Welcome Acres Puppy (except in the case of a designated Welcome Acres Breeder).

Long Distance?

From Palm Beach FL, you can adopt a puppy from us with the following options:

  • You can pick up your Puppy
  • Utilize our flight nanny
  • Personal delivery (for additional fees, depending on location)

Your Welcome Acres Labradoodle puppy will come with the following:

  • Comprehensive multi-generational pedigree
  • Two-year guarantee against genetic health issues
  • Complete veterinary health examination
  • Implantation of identification microchip
  • Registration documents from the Australian Labradoodles Association
  • Detailed health record for your puppy
  • Worming treatments tailored to the puppy’s age
  • First set of vaccinations appropriate for the puppy’s age
  • Preliminary training in housebreaking, crate use, and leash walking
  • Welcoming kit for your new puppy, which includes a folder with the puppy’s records, essential care instructions, a collar, a leash, a blanket, and two toys for the puppy
  • Ongoing support throughout your pet’s life

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About Us

Discover Welcome Acres Labradoodles, nestled 25 miles south of Washington DC in the quaint town of La Plata, Maryland – a true secret of the DMV area! Our locale is renowned for its delectable local fare, including Blue Crabs and Maryland Stuffed Ham, set against a backdrop of beautiful waterways. Additionally, La Plata boasts the Bark of the Town Pet Spa, a high-end grooming salon for esteemed canines, proudly owned and operated by our team.

For generations, dogs have held a special place in our hearts. Our mission is to breed healthy, stunning Australian Labradoodles, known for their therapy-quality temperaments, to bring endless happiness and companionship to their new homes. We adhere to rigorous health and genetic standards in line with the guidelines set by the ALAA and WALA.

Our approach to raising dogs is deeply rooted in the belief that they are an integral part of our family. This means our dogs and puppies live with us or in loving guardian homes, ensuring they never experience kennel life. Guardian homes provide a nurturing, permanent environment for our breeding dogs, emphasizing the importance of a loving family from the start. Our puppies are raised in a social and affectionate setting, guaranteeing they’re well-adjusted and ready for their forever homes.

We pride ourselves on breeding Micro Mini and Mini Australian Labradoodles, celebrated for their superior health, remarkable temperaments, and allergy/asthma-friendly coats, embodying the true essence of multi-generational authenticity.

labradoodle maryland

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About Palm Beach, FL

Palm Beach is an incorporated town in Palm Beach County, Florida. Located on a barrier island in east-central Palm Beach County, the town is separated from West Palm Beach and Lake Worth Beach by the Intracoastal Waterway to its west and a small section of the Intracoastal Waterway and South Palm Beach to its south. It is part of the South Florida metropolitan area. As of the 2020 census, Palm Beach had a year-round population of 9,245.

The Jaega arrived on the modern-day island of Palm Beach approximately 3,000 years ago. American settlers began to inhabit the area as early as 1872, and opened a post office about five years later. Standard Oil tycoon Henry Flagler became instrumental in transforming the island of jungles and swamps into a winter resort for the wealthy. Flagler and his workers constructed the Royal Poinciana Hotel in 1894, The Breakers in 1896, and Whitehall in 1902; extended the Florida East Coast Railway southward to the area by 1894; and developed a separate city to house the hotel workers and other laborers, which later became West Palm Beach. The town of Palm Beach was incorporated on April 17, 1911. Addison Mizner also contributed significantly to the town’s history, designing 67 structures between 1919 and 1924, including El Mirasol, the Everglades Club, La Querida, and Via Mizner, which is a section of Worth Avenue.

Forbes reported in 2017 that Palm Beach had at least 30 billionaires, with the town ranking as the 27th-wealthiest place in the United States in 2016, according to Bloomberg News. Palm Beach is known for upscale shopping districts, such as Worth Avenue, Royal Poinciana Plaza, and the Royal Poinciana Way Historic District.

According to early settler accounts, Palm Beach received its name from a shipwreck named the “Providencia.” The ship washed ashore in January 1878 with a load of coconuts bound from Havana to Spain. Early settlers lost no time claiming salvage and planting the coconuts, which were not native to South Florida, in an effort to launch a commercial coconut industry.