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Australian Labradoodles in New York City, NY

As an Australian Labradoodle breeder, I’m thrilled to share the unique distinctions between Labradoodles and Australian Labradoodles, two breeds that have significantly enriched the dog-loving community by combining the commendable traits of Labrador Retrievers and Poodles, each with its own special flair.

The journey of the Labradoodle began in the 1980s, crafted with the vision of creating the perfect guide dog for allergy sufferers. This initiative combined the Labrador Retriever’s intelligence and sociable nature with the Poodle’s hypoallergenic coat. Despite these noble intentions, Labradoodles exhibit a broad spectrum of appearances and temperaments. Their coats, ranging from curly to straight, and the hypoallergenic quality, although a goal, is not a certainty in every individual.

In contrast, the Australian Labradoodle’s story starts in the 1990s, born from a vision that extended beyond the Labrador-Poodle mix to include breeds such as the Irish Water Spaniel and the American Cocker Spaniel. This deliberate and refined breeding strategy was aimed at achieving a breed characterized by consistent coat types, captivating personalities, and genuine hypoallergenic features, offering a more predictable option for allergy sufferers.

The true distinction, however, lies in their temperaments. Through selective breeding, Australian Labradoodles are not only intelligent but also exceptionally intuitive, making them outstanding companions for families and effective therapy dogs. Their consistent and amiable natures set them apart from the Labradoodle, ensuring a reliable and enjoyable pet ownership experience.

While Labradoodles are loved for their spirited and lively characters, Australian Labradoodles are celebrated for their well-balanced temperaments, making them especially desirable for families. They are adept learners, kind to children, and maintain a serene composure indoors, yet are always eager for outdoor activities. This difference in temperament and the predictability of the Australian Labradoodle underscores our meticulous breeding process, aimed at providing families with a dependable, hypoallergenic furry family member. Australian Labradoodles in New York City, NY might be the right fit for you, so contact us today!

  • 1. Families decide which litter interests them.

  • 2. Submit your application and wait to hear from us. Will be in touch very soon!

  • 3. Discuss size, gender, color, coat, timing, temperament, and any other needs or wants.

  • 4. Read what you get with a Welcome Acres Labradoodle by going to our Pricing page.

  • 5. Once your application is approved and we have spoken, then you will need to submit your application fee/deposit (Paypal or Credit Card only). To reserve a specific puppy or to be added to a litters waiting list. Payments are non-refundable.

  • 6. Approved Application is then sent to the “Forever Family”.

  • 7. Due to Parvovirus we do not offer pre visitation days.

  • 8. Welcome Acres Puppies can and will be designated at various ages of their lives, with the primary designation done at 6 weeks (+ or -) of age. Welcome Acres does the selection based on priority of reservation, needs & wants, and most importantly the “Doodle Fit”.

  • 9. Around 8 weeks of age the Welcome Acres Labradoodle’s chosen veterinarian will continue protocol, vaccinate, flea & heart worm preventative, & exam.

  • 10. Generally, the puppies go home at 8 weeks old.

  • 11. Welcome Acres Labradoodles reserves the right to retain any puppy(s) in a litter for breeding purposes. Therefore, not every puppy in every litter will be available.

  • 12. Speak directly with Welcome Acres Labradoodles in regards to your final payment options.

  • 13. Welcome Acres requires a signed Spay / Neuter Contract before delivery of the Welcome Acres Puppy (except in the case of a designated Welcome Acres Breeder).

Long Distance?

From New York City, NY you can adopt a puppy from us with the following options:

  • You can pick up your puppy
  • Utilize our flight nanny
  • Personal delivery (for additional fees, depending on location)

Your Welcome Acres Labradoodle will come with the following:

  • An extensive ancestral pedigree covering several generations
  • Two-year genetic health coverage
  • Comprehensive health screening by a veterinarian/span>
  • Identification via microchip for swift recognition
  • Authorized documentation for Australian Labradoodles Association registration
  • Complete documentation of your puppy’s health background
  • Age-appropriate deworming protocols
  • The first series of immunizations for your puppy
  • Fundamental training on toilet habits, crate usage, and leash etiquette
  • A starter portion of the puppy’s current food is provided to aid in the seamless switch to the diet you choose for your puppy
  • The WAL (Welcome Acres Labradoodle) puppy starter package, including a folder with essential documents and care guidelines, plus a collar, leash, blanket, and two toys for your puppy
  • A promise of ongoing support throughout your pet’s lifetime!

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About Us

Discover the enchantment of Australian Labradoodles at Welcome Acres Labradoodles, nestled in the charming town of La Plata, Maryland. Conveniently located just 25 miles south of Washington, D.C., and within easy reach of New York City, our town is a haven of scenic beauty, surrounded by picturesque waterways and famed for its exquisite culinary scene, highlighted by the local Blue Crab and Maryland Stuffed Ham. Our aim is to offer Australian Labradoodles that dazzle not only in their looks but also capture hearts with their affectionate and gentle nature, making them perfect companions for therapy or as loyal friends.

At Welcome Acres Labradoodles, our breeding philosophy sets us apart. We adhere to the most rigorous standards of health and genetics, following the ethical principles laid out by the ALAA and WALA. Our dogs enjoy vibrant lives full of love and care, either with us as cherished family members or with our trusted guardians, free from the confines of kennels.

We are also the proud proprietors of Bark of the Town Pet Spa, providing premier grooming services that pamper your pet like nobility. Our commitment goes beyond grooming; we strive to deliver a Labradoodle that becomes a cherished member of your family forever. With meticulous breeding, we ensure every puppy is healthy, joyful, and ready to bring endless happiness to your home.

Our devotion to these dogs is limitless. We see them as integral members of our family, focusing on breeding not just any Labradoodles but specifically micro mini and mini Australian Labradoodles. Celebrated for their exceptional health, delightful temperaments, and luxurious, hypoallergenic coats, they’re the perfect choice for allergy sufferers.

labradoodle maryland

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