Agreement and Guarantee

Understanding Allocation Process

Welcome Acres’s ‘Doodle Fit’ is for the optimum fit between the puppy and its “Forever Home!”

Welcome Acres Australian Labradoodle puppies are not made in a factory, but left to the chance of Mother Nature and God. We cannot produce Welcome Acres ALD puppies by custom order. Your list of preferences may or may not be met within a particular litter. Temperament is most important to us when matching Welcome Acres puppies to families rather than physical traits. We understand that when purchasing a puppy, you’ll voice some preferences about the puppy’s physical traits. However, we feel that personality and size are important factors to consider, while other cosmetic traits are of less importance. Please be open-minded and flexible in regards to your puppy’s color, size and gender within a particular litter knowing that this will be easier to find a good match for your home and family’s dynamic. The more particular you are with physical preferences, the more difficult it will be to find a good match.

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